Do you wish to see a real difference in your life?

Do you feel sad? Are you depressed? Do you feel unable to cope with your emotions? Or maybe you feel discontent with your life

Whether you feel you are being held back by a destructive behaviour, low self esteem, anxiety or a deep rooted psychological issue, Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you overcome this problem fast

Addictions and habits in many forms: gambling, food, substances affects us in all sorts of ways and I can help you put an end to that to gain control of your own life choices

Clinical Hypnotherapy works by using hypnosis to uncover the unconscious psychological source that triggers your problem, then facilitates the changes needed in your unconscious mind to free you of the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Wokingham but see national and Internationl

Phone +44 1189 893 594

Disclaimer and Policy

Results may vary from person to person and successful outcomes cannot be guaranteed. I have been a Hypnotherapist full time since 2012 and I am still here helping people.  Hypnosis is amazing and life changing freeing you of negative emotions, habits and fears, however you have to do some of the work also and be prepared and willing to make these changes in your life.  By agreeing to work with me you accept responsibility for yourself.  You agree to turn up on time for appointments and cancel with 48hrs notice as I schedule your session in my diary.