Depression & Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Depression & Anxiety

Depression is often a reaction to a distressing or traumatic event. The people and situations who are associated with the traumatic event in our lives are referred to as traumatic triggers.

An example is someone reporting, “I never was depressed before my father (mother, child, spouse, best friend) died.” After a loved one passes on, the individual often has to deal with their belongings including their home, or now has to take on their responsibilities. Any of these can become traumatic triggers. If the person or family member who has lost the loved one does not have time to fully grieve the loss, and to process unfinished feelings about the person, depression may set in almost immediately. Other traumatic triggers include losing a job, divorce, or financial reversals such as bankruptcy or home foreclosure.


The following are some of the typical signs of depression that may take over slowly like a fog rolling in on what was previously a sunny day and now is becoming darker with each minute.

  • Symptom 1 – “Now, I can’t get out of bed in the morning. I just don’t have the same interest in things that I used to.”
  • Symptom 2 – “I have body pains and I’m worried that I may have (fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc.).”
  • Symptom 3 – “I can’t seem to stop overeating and I gained 40 pounds.” Or “I have gone back to drinking, smoking cigarettes or pot, etc.”
  • Symptom 4 – “I’m having trouble sleeping at night and I’m exhausted.”
  • Symptom 5 – “I cry at the drop of a pin, but mostly I feel numb.”


  • You may struggle to relax and switch off your mind
  • Inability to sleep, thoughts at bedtime or mind chatter
  • You may experience fears about things that haven't happened yet or situations
  • Sometimes you turn to food, alcohol or experience a fear or phobia as a result of anxiety
  • You may experience difficulty breathing or tightness in your chest or inability to fill your lungs or rapid short breaths or dizziness or nausea

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. These treatment methods, of course, are aimed at symptom relief but don’t get down to treating the underlying cause of the depression.

"Medication treats symptoms. Hypnotherapy treats causes."

Hypnotherapy provides an effective way to access the individual’s ability to affect the physical body. Once self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors have been resolved, the individual can begin to use hypnotic suggestibility to improve the body’s functioning. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in correcting patterns of restless sleep, low energy or libido, headaches or chronic pain. And one can use hypnotherapy to increase motivation to exercise and eat properly


Anxiety and Depression is one of my specialist interests and I help a lot of clients overcome anxiety and depression in a matter of a few weeks using cutting edge hypnosis, psychotherapy and other techniques to rapidly change how you feel so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.  It is not a plaster to stick on your symptoms to show you how to cope but eliminating the root cause and also eliminate the symptoms of anxiety permanently so you can live a happy life. 

Depression and Anxiety Solution Plan - 5 sessions one week apart £450

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