Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

Weight Loss Package
My Sessions are solution focused on the individual as everyone has different reasons for being overweight or over eating. Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions deal with eating issues that can be related to:

Habits - Stress - Emotional Eating - Comfort Eating - Anxiety - Fear - Boredom

Low Self Esteem - Anger - Depression - Loneliness - Sugar Addiction - Grieving

    5 Hypnotherapy Sessions 1 week apart specific to your own personal issues
    Hypnosis Weight Loss MP3 Recording to listen at home (full Session)
    Hypnosis, NLP & EFT used for Permanent Weight Loss
  • Price £375 payable in advance
  • JAN 2018 SPECIAL OFFER - Free Stop Snacking Recording to all Weight Loss packages booked in January. 

It is not a miracle cure you will need to commit to these sessions consistently and listen to the short recording each day during your Weight Reduction Consultation period. If there are deeper underlying issues occasionally it may take a little longer we can discuss this after our initial consultation. Most clients however only need 5 sessions to see lasting change to their mindset, behaviour, attitude to food and exercise and you will notice that even after you finish your sessions with me the weight will continue to drop off as you live a healthier happier life. Book your Successful Weight Loss Program Now and Start enjoying a healthy happy life.
I offer an initial 30 minute Complimentary session.  PHONE ME  now to discuss if I can help you.